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Thursday, December 6, 2012

All I know is

Some say that the recent demonstration in Paarl was held by farm workers. Some say that they were demanding a increase in wages. All I know is that one person held a sign 'Stop AIDS' another 'Whites give us our land back.' All I know is that they were blacks. Singing in Xhosa. All I know is that the farm labours in the Cape of Good Hope are salt of the earth coloured people.
Some say that the independence of the Cape of Good Hope 'will never happen' all I know is that the critical mass needed to achieve this victory for the freedom of the people of our nation is not far off. With what is happening in Zumababwe these days is quite frankly not on. They have managed to turn a country that was a net exporter for example, into a net importer. How did that happen? Some say that it's purely from incompetence. Some say that it's because he wears animal skins. All I know it's because they are all a bunch of corrupt bastards.
Some say that not enough people are interested. All I know is that I will never stop repeating the word of independence – even if they don't want to hear it.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have been keeping an eye on the Texas secession petition with a lot of interest over the last few days, not because it has anything to do with the Cape Republic, but rather because it has everything to do with it.
Since it's started the numbers speak for themselves – over 20 000 people a day, every day. This in it's self speaks volumes. Here the people are standing together, granted, seceding from the USA may not be the best of ideas, however, under the circumstances it's the only route to go.
I can only note that if we have figures like that, we would have been independent already. Will Texas secede? It's too early in the game to make any rash call, but God willing, they will. Perhaps then the people of the Cape of Good Hope will wake up and also call for a secession. As it is too many people are unaware that Iceland throw it's parliament out on the street. This global movement it seems will destroy the old world.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let us secede

I was quietly surprised yesterday when I discovered that Texas (along with 14 other states) wishes to secede from the union. It shouldn't be that surprising since it has become a growing trend around the world – even Venice is going the same route.
Fact is, large countries like South Africa, isn't working. Granted, there are too many people living in the Cape of Good Hope who are not aware that 'let's secede' is possible. All it will take is for them to stand up and be counted.
Let us not harp too much on that, I believe that I, for one, have harped on that for long enough.
Let's talk about the current rioting. As I write, Laborie (a wine estate in Paarl) has dozens of people toy-toying in front of their premises. Funny thing is this. None of those people work there. So what are they doing there?
After Malama (along with the ANC) declared that they would make the Cape ungovernable – how we laughed. 'Yeah right jack ass' is what many people thought – I am guilty of that, granted. But now the time has come when that is in fact happening, how? By importing a lot of blacks then pay them to stand in front of farms, where they don't even work to demand higher wages. The 'free' media fails to mention that, all they show are these hundreds of people. It really doesn't make anyone look good does it?
At the rate we are going, not only will we lose the Cape but everything we have built over the last 300 years or so. The sad fact is that only in Africa will the locals be able to steal a house. I'm not even kidding here. I have seen it. First the doors and windows go. Then the roof. Then the very bricks. It took six months, but it happened. They even managed to steal mining equipment that requires heavy duty machines to move – and no-one knows how it happened!
It's pretty clear that the sheeple are not going to wake up. It's pretty clear that the blacks of this side of Africa will get what they have wished for – a white free country. I can see it already. The lot of us in boats on the coast wondering how in gods name this shit went down.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Letter to Julius Malema on Zimbabwe

Greetings to you Julius. I am sure you will note that this is my second letter to you on the same subject matter.

I understand that you visited my country Zimbabwe recently, and that you continue to be inspired by how ZANU (PF) has decimated our economy and its potential. Well, Julius, I dare say that your standards are obviously not that high and I forgive you for that. You see, this is the case with most black Africans; all you have to do is look throughout Africa to realise that the black man, left to his own devices, has dismally failed to raise his standard of living despite having all the resources he needs.

Your country, South Africa, is currently suffering from the same disorder and events in the Limpopo province, where you come from, certainly do not inspire me. Shouldn't you be rather spending your energy there to get things right?

There are historical reasons for that I think, the main one being that coming from poverty backgrounds, black Africans do not really demand or expect much from their leaders. You see Julius; there is just something about us black people and our standards. They are just so low and your inspiration from the Zimbabwe situation proves that to me. By the way, Julius, I forgot to ask you whether you had electricity at the wedding you attended because on that day, I didn't.

If stinking uncollected rubbish dumps, lack of clean running water and a dilapidating infrastructure inspire you Julius, then I suppose you should relocate to Harare. I have a perfect spot for you where you can, once again, get inspired using pit latrines as some of you do now in a developed South Africa. I understand that this is also the case in Limpopo, where some infrastructure is in bad shape even after some black owned companies were paid to do the work to repair it. I am sure you are aware of that. That hardly inspires me Julius.

I am an enthusiastic believer in economic transformation and the ownership of our economies by the majority and not by international monopolies and oligopolies who are to me, the new colonialists. On that point I fully agree with you. However, that does mean that I should accept a substandard life style. I don't know about you Julius, but I note that you aspire to live in Sandton (the taxman willing) and not in Thembisa as most of your brothers and sisters do (not that there is anything wrong with living in Thembisa).

I don't know whether you are aware that Zimbabwe does not actually control its mineral wealth? These have been dished out to the Chinese and to ZANU (PF) cronies some of who are reported to be now building mansions there in Durban. We don't even know where our diamond revenue is going Julius, can you believe that? I guess that inspires you Julius.

You no doubt, will also be inspired by our agricultural revolution (as you would call it), where now we cannot even feed ourselves and must import maize from Zambia. Yes Julius we in Zimbabwe now "own" those farms but they are useless and lying idle.

Julius, in Zimbabwe, we even own closed factories and shops, we own our own airline which is grounded, we own all our state enterprises that are facing closure because of mismanagement, we own steel mills, power stations, railways, mines; hell you name it Julius and we own it. But all that we own is either underutilised, in a state of disrepair or being driven to the ground through corruption or mismanagement. That's inspirational Julius, isn't it?

My advice to you Julius, is to use this "sabbatical" that the ANC has forced upon you wisely, and study and improve yourself. You do have some good arguments on how we must begin to ameliorate the condition of black Africans. You however, need to sharpen your thinking skills.

Africa needs future leaders who are educated, principled, who have integrity and are sensitive to the dynamics of the environment that they operate in. If you by any chance aspire to be one of those, good luck, but I can tell you that will not get that from coming to Harare to insult our intelligence. You seem to have a unique gift of persistently doing that.

Julius, economic freedom in this lifetime is possible, but only if we insist on high standards of leadership and delivery. Nationalisation will not achieve that economic freedom, nor will violence, greed and corruption. Fighting for higher wages is like a slave, fighting for a daily tea break; it will not fundamentally change the economic relationships in South Africa.

I shall be in touch with you again soon, and we may perhaps sit down and inspire each other on the need to develop both our countries and come up with new economic models. Let us rather spend our energies on that, don't you agree?

Finally I encourage you to choose your friends wisely Julius, because the tide is turning and true economic freedom is coming soon to Zimbabwe. Real economic freedom Julius, which you might want to be once again inspired by.


Vince Musewe

Your comrade in the economic struggle to free Africans from dictatorship, incompetence and poverty.

Vince Musewe is an independent economist currently in Harare. You may contact him on

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where to from here?

I have been very quiet over the last week or so. Not because I had nothing to say. I have found myself overwhelmed with the amount of stupid things happening.
Here is one: I watched a program on the Third Reich which painted Adolf Hitler as a tax evader of note (as if the camps/war etc wasn't enough) now if you follow orthodox history which states that he died by his own hand in a bunker in Berlin, or if you follow conspiracy theory of history which states that he died of natural causes in South America in the 1980's (H. Muller, head of the Gestapo died in the U.S. ) is meaningless. The blokes dead. In southern Africa we have this person Zuma with all his fraud/corruption charges – on top of this his new home is costing us R 238 (give or take) million rand – shit. Hitler has nothing on this guy. But wait there is more. What about the new town that they are building nearby? That's another billion rand. He has a 'large' family and no doubt his 'large' family is tired of rural live and wants to move to a nearby town...
All this bollocks of strikes. Good god. I have never earned R 9 000.00 a month. Now these blokes want R 12 000.00. The classic one has to do with the post office, they are complaining about the amount of work they do compared to bank staff and that they are being paid less - ????? go and get a job at a bank!
All this strike action leaves me with only one thought – to declare it illegal. Just like in Mexico. I think that’s a great idea. No-one will be able to hold the Cape of Good Hope at ransom like they are doing with the rest of the country.
Moving on.
Word around the camp fire is that the former government loaned billions of rand to what we call ABSA (Volksbank, Trust Bank etc.) and that although the current government can get their hands on it, they are not interested. Perhaps enough money has changed hands already (in the form of typing in a number in their account...)
I can't expect anyone to get upset. I don't even expect any south African to respond at all. They all unlike me – I 'like' and 'share' anything about government – I hardly ever get a 'like' on what I have sent out – perhaps one after all this time. But then a woman states 'I'm shopping' and gets 4128 'likes' WTF??????
Where to from here? Isn't something that can go unanswered for much longer.
For those interested the house pictured in my new home that I will be renovating soon, it is 40 sm, has no garage and one toilet not so great, but it's also in Italy.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Once more I am dismayed at some of the whites in this country of ours. Students at Dagbreek residence here in Stellenbosch felt that it was their duty to apologize for an attack on coloureds and blacks by students – which sounds like the right thing to do, as one of the students, Pieter Nel, stated “No healing and no restoration will happen if we don’t seek forgiveness and apologise” It still sounds fair. There is just one small problem with the entire concept. The attack took place in... 1939, both my grandfathers were soon going to head to Egypt for the second world war...
I have stated many times to many people that I would never apologize for my fathers sins. It seems that some people think they are doing the right thing by apologizing for their grandfathers sins.
How on earth can anyone even begin to think, let alone go ahead with this? By falling into a trap called the legacy of apartheid. How on earth can you give these people ammunition? I really fail to see any good coming out of this. Especially when one considers that Pieter is apologizing for someone else's grandfather...

What was old is new again

We always speak of independence, not because we wish to start some sort of revolution, but because of what is happening around southern Africa, army equipment for example, goes missing. Farmers are murdered – and no goods are stolen, or very little. Thankfully at least the Netherlands has come to the table by making an issue in its parliament about the current genocide. This has been taken further – Australia has made a radical decision – that it will now apply sanctions against southern Africa.
The time is most definitely on hand to approach them and ask for support in a independence drive for the Cape of Good Hope. Even the European Union has decided to take on SAA on its BEE policy, they are considering barring SAA from even landing in Europe. Mmmm. All of this is sounding familiar isn't it? The 31 cases against the southern African government for racial discrimination is a real cherry on the icing, like the Woolworths 'debate' one must wonder how long it will take for the minority groups to wake up.
And another thing, Cosatu admits that violence is the way forward. Some things really don't change, do they?