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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dear Black People of South Africa

In response to
You may feel that it's all about 'white dominance' but its not. You may blame apartheid (or slavery as your brothers in North America) or colonialism on your problems but you would be incorrect.
The reality of our society is that the inequalities we often see, whether at a level of income, ownership of industries, spatial inequalities and many more others like availability of infrastructure for education, private health etc. in suburban areas, often favours rich people in a better position over the majority.
As far as rural areas, townships and urban outskirts – hell – we didn't force you to live there. You choose to live there.
As far as capital and debt are concerned, your forgetting that everyone is in the same boat. The real problem here is: banks, who create money by changing ones account details with a computer and then adding interest to it. What you do not understand is that money (a scarcity) is not what is needed in many areas. What is needed is resources. Try walking into a large off-consumption venue and take a good look at the different vodkas, gins, whiskey – we do indeed live in a age of abundance.
To say that only in an ideal world the white community cannot be blamed for the trappings of consumerist is not understanding that many whites don't like it either.
When we discuss black people we have to walk on eggs – why? Because if we don't we called 'racists' to say that they white people never asked for forgiveness can only be dismissed with contempt when one brings the 1991 referendum into the equation.
I would also like to point out that blacks do not need to learn corruption from white's. They have always done that very well without our help.
If you bother reading Capitalist Nigger you will also notice that blacks have never invented anything that has been to the benefit of mankind. All you want is the same thing whites/coloureds/Indians of this country have with the exception that you do not want to pay for it.
On farming: every single farm transferred to black ownership has gone to ruins as you take the equipment and sell it, break everything, burn the wooden doors for fire wood and then blame the white man
It appears that you have forgotten what was built in apartheid South Africa for the black man with white money. All those schools you burnt down we paid for. The hospitals you go to in your areas was paid for with white tax money. Since you are completely unable to create your own wealth the only way you can get it is by demanding that whites give up their wealth. Why? So that you can sit in front of your home, like your forefathers did, and drink beer all day while the woman did the farming?
You nation has always done one thing 'grab, grab, grab' so since that hasn't change I suggest a change now. You learn how to create your own wealth.
'No white person in this country has not directly or indirectly received benefit from the brutal history of colonialism and apartheid.' I am one of those people – I wasn't alive during colonialism and I wasn't off age to vote until 1991. I will not pay for my fathers sins.

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