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Monday, September 10, 2012


Once more I am dismayed at some of the whites in this country of ours. Students at Dagbreek residence here in Stellenbosch felt that it was their duty to apologize for an attack on coloureds and blacks by students – which sounds like the right thing to do, as one of the students, Pieter Nel, stated “No healing and no restoration will happen if we don’t seek forgiveness and apologise” It still sounds fair. There is just one small problem with the entire concept. The attack took place in... 1939, both my grandfathers were soon going to head to Egypt for the second world war...
I have stated many times to many people that I would never apologize for my fathers sins. It seems that some people think they are doing the right thing by apologizing for their grandfathers sins.
How on earth can anyone even begin to think, let alone go ahead with this? By falling into a trap called the legacy of apartheid. How on earth can you give these people ammunition? I really fail to see any good coming out of this. Especially when one considers that Pieter is apologizing for someone else's grandfather...

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