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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let us secede

I was quietly surprised yesterday when I discovered that Texas (along with 14 other states) wishes to secede from the union. It shouldn't be that surprising since it has become a growing trend around the world – even Venice is going the same route.
Fact is, large countries like South Africa, isn't working. Granted, there are too many people living in the Cape of Good Hope who are not aware that 'let's secede' is possible. All it will take is for them to stand up and be counted.
Let us not harp too much on that, I believe that I, for one, have harped on that for long enough.
Let's talk about the current rioting. As I write, Laborie (a wine estate in Paarl) has dozens of people toy-toying in front of their premises. Funny thing is this. None of those people work there. So what are they doing there?
After Malama (along with the ANC) declared that they would make the Cape ungovernable – how we laughed. 'Yeah right jack ass' is what many people thought – I am guilty of that, granted. But now the time has come when that is in fact happening, how? By importing a lot of blacks then pay them to stand in front of farms, where they don't even work to demand higher wages. The 'free' media fails to mention that, all they show are these hundreds of people. It really doesn't make anyone look good does it?
At the rate we are going, not only will we lose the Cape but everything we have built over the last 300 years or so. The sad fact is that only in Africa will the locals be able to steal a house. I'm not even kidding here. I have seen it. First the doors and windows go. Then the roof. Then the very bricks. It took six months, but it happened. They even managed to steal mining equipment that requires heavy duty machines to move – and no-one knows how it happened!
It's pretty clear that the sheeple are not going to wake up. It's pretty clear that the blacks of this side of Africa will get what they have wished for – a white free country. I can see it already. The lot of us in boats on the coast wondering how in gods name this shit went down.

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