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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It’s Ironic

Our so called President recently declared that Hendrick Verwoerd was responsible for the lack of school books in the Limpopo province, clearly a head or two had to role – after all how can we have zombies walking around South Africa eating textbooks? More realistically speaking how much longer will the blacks of this country wear apartheid on their sleeves just like so-called Afro-Americans wear slavery on theirs?
Minister Ange Motsega has been fired – the national minister. Where is the provincial minister? Does this person not report to the national minister? Does this person not carry more responsibility then national government? What is the meaning of this? If Ange is fired then clearly Zuma needs to be fired as well. One person, Ramphele has stated that children were better taught under the apartheid’s education system. This statement is hardly surprising, for two counts 1) its true 2) it appears that a mud throwing competition will soon erupt within the ranks of the four groups ‘in charge’ of southern Africa. What will it lead to I dare ask.
If we are lucky the people will start understand the importance of giving power to provincial governments to govern them. With any luck the people of the Cape of Good Hope will see the importance of becoming a republic once more.

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