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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fair is Fair

Why do black people always walk around with a chip on the shoulder? Is it because they are Black? Daring anyone to say anything about them? Our society has been hijacked and pushed into corner where no-one can say anything publicly about black people if you do, they call you a racists and a bigot so truth and diague can never happen between whites and blacks as the moment you say anything about the spirit of black people, the lifestyle of black people, the habits of black people, if you say the are full of hate, or full of murder or robbery or are full of violence then you are a racists. This is not meaning that all black people are like that – 70% are. 70% do not marry the woman the have children with, 70% of them leave their children. How many are in prison? Over 95% of prisoners are black. This has nothing to do with white people or apartheid.
We can’t have a discussion about race in southern Africa because when you say anything against black people you will be thrown out of the town you live in, so this is what I want to tell you, going forward: The first thing is to stand up and not be worried about popular opinion. Not to worry about what people have to say about you or even what people think about you. Black people do have a chip on their shoulder – it’s high time that we knock it off – they have knocked chips off everyone else’s shoulder. Fair is fair. We need to get rid of the primordial social affirmative action in the way that white people have to walk on egg shells when talking about black people so that we don’t offend these people. Fact is: they wear their racialism on their shoulder and have apartheid on their sleeves. This has got to come to an end. It is hurting the black race it is destroying the white race and is perverting our nation in terms of this relationship that is meant for us to work together and make a better country. I say: stop walking on egg shells around black people – who are they anyway? When you have to be so careful about everything you say, everything you do and on top of this every place you go you have to hear ‘apartheid’ and the ‘legacy of apartheid’ it needs to stop. It’s destroying black people; it’s giving them a false sense of security. They think that they don’t have to do anything to better their lives and that white people are the cause of everything that is going wrong with them. I am tired, sick and tired of black people blaming a white person for everything that is wrong with them, I don’t act like I am to be blamed – something all whites must do. I am sick of having legislation passed that benefits a few black people and sells wealth from white people. Black leaders need to create their own – up to today all they can do is steal.

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