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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where to from here?

I have been very quiet over the last week or so. Not because I had nothing to say. I have found myself overwhelmed with the amount of stupid things happening.
Here is one: I watched a program on the Third Reich which painted Adolf Hitler as a tax evader of note (as if the camps/war etc wasn't enough) now if you follow orthodox history which states that he died by his own hand in a bunker in Berlin, or if you follow conspiracy theory of history which states that he died of natural causes in South America in the 1980's (H. Muller, head of the Gestapo died in the U.S. ) is meaningless. The blokes dead. In southern Africa we have this person Zuma with all his fraud/corruption charges – on top of this his new home is costing us R 238 (give or take) million rand – shit. Hitler has nothing on this guy. But wait there is more. What about the new town that they are building nearby? That's another billion rand. He has a 'large' family and no doubt his 'large' family is tired of rural live and wants to move to a nearby town...
All this bollocks of strikes. Good god. I have never earned R 9 000.00 a month. Now these blokes want R 12 000.00. The classic one has to do with the post office, they are complaining about the amount of work they do compared to bank staff and that they are being paid less - ????? go and get a job at a bank!
All this strike action leaves me with only one thought – to declare it illegal. Just like in Mexico. I think that’s a great idea. No-one will be able to hold the Cape of Good Hope at ransom like they are doing with the rest of the country.
Moving on.
Word around the camp fire is that the former government loaned billions of rand to what we call ABSA (Volksbank, Trust Bank etc.) and that although the current government can get their hands on it, they are not interested. Perhaps enough money has changed hands already (in the form of typing in a number in their account...)
I can't expect anyone to get upset. I don't even expect any south African to respond at all. They all unlike me – I 'like' and 'share' anything about government – I hardly ever get a 'like' on what I have sent out – perhaps one after all this time. But then a woman states 'I'm shopping' and gets 4128 'likes' WTF??????
Where to from here? Isn't something that can go unanswered for much longer.
For those interested the house pictured in my new home that I will be renovating soon, it is 40 sm, has no garage and one toilet not so great, but it's also in Italy.

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