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Monday, September 10, 2012

What was old is new again

We always speak of independence, not because we wish to start some sort of revolution, but because of what is happening around southern Africa, army equipment for example, goes missing. Farmers are murdered – and no goods are stolen, or very little. Thankfully at least the Netherlands has come to the table by making an issue in its parliament about the current genocide. This has been taken further – Australia has made a radical decision – that it will now apply sanctions against southern Africa.
The time is most definitely on hand to approach them and ask for support in a independence drive for the Cape of Good Hope. Even the European Union has decided to take on SAA on its BEE policy, they are considering barring SAA from even landing in Europe. Mmmm. All of this is sounding familiar isn't it? The 31 cases against the southern African government for racial discrimination is a real cherry on the icing, like the Woolworths 'debate' one must wonder how long it will take for the minority groups to wake up.
And another thing, Cosatu admits that violence is the way forward. Some things really don't change, do they?

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