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Monday, August 6, 2012

Fire in the hole

Several months ago, rumours of the ANC getting their hands on pension funds flew around the camp fire with such speed that one could swear that all hell was going to be let loose. I, knowing better, decided not to comment.
So it has in fact happened. The ANC have our pension fund in their hands – see they have made it law that pension funds have to be invested into ANC owned companies.
The strangeness of it is staggering. Reread the italics again if you don't get it.
So, when will the minority groups finally stand together and declare the Cape of Good Hopes independence? In twenty or so years when they discover that they don't have a pension fund because the ANC owned companies have spent it on salaries, luxury vehicles, houses, restaurant bills and so forth? That is going to happen, not even a doubt about it. As it is, one company, Sanyati Holdings has declared bankruptcy as the government has not paid for the roads it has constructed, and as one of the managers of the company stated 'Effectively we have been playing banker (to local government)'
As I always ask, what will it take?
Now you all can play ostrich if that is how you would like to view what is happening in southern Africa. You can all pretend that the first black president isn't a Marxist. You can all pretend that most of southern Africa hasn't turned into a slum. The facts reveal themselves to a certain truth: the sooner we are able to get out of a ANC lead southern Africa and rules ourselves in ordinance to the Swiss Cantonal system in the Cape of Good Hope, the better.
There has to be movement towards this ideal. People have to understand that the last thing we, as minorities, wish to see is a full blown rerun of Zimbabwe.

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