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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Should whites in southern Africa feel guilty about apartheid in the same way Germans are feeling sorry about the second world war? I think not. No one, I repeat, no one is saying anything about the 30 or so million kulaks that were murdered in the 1930's in Russia. Nor is anyone saying anything about the millions of Chinese murdered in Chairman Mao's great leap forward. What about Belgium's policy of amputating the hands of Congolese children unable to make their rubber quota? What about the millions of Vietnamese slaughtered by the US? What about the millions of Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge? What about the millions of Muslims slaughtered by Israel and the US in Iraq and Afghanistan? What about the hundreds of thousands of Germans murdered (men, women and children) in prison camps after the second world war. Crimes committed by the US?
Here is a little Keep It Simple Stupid summary of what happened:
92% of the 21 000 Blacks killed from 1948-1994 in SA (and in Namibia) in political violence were Black on Black murders (19 320). 5.6% were killed in clashes with the police and military services (1176). 1.1% (273) were unsolved murders and only 1.2% (231) blacks were killed in white on black violence or 5.06 blacks per year over that 46 year period. Since the so-called 'democratic' election in southern Africa, over 3 000 white farmers have been murdered or 106 per year (these figures are incorrect, they are higher). Over the 18 year period.
I don't hear people taking about that one.
Back to WWII – the original plaque at Auschwitz read: 'Four million people suffered and died here at the hands of the Nazi murderers between the years 1940 and 1945' In 1989 the USSR released the captured death registry volumes and the plaque now reads 'For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity where the Nazis murdered about one and a half million men, women and children, mainly Jews from various countries of Europe' Hang on! A 2.5 million people mistake? Ernst Zundel and others are in prison for only questioning the Zionist number of 6 million Jews. How did that happen? More importantly, why?
We too have a history of past genocide against our people – the Boer War, where 27 000 women and children had perished under the British occupation. I don't hear anyone saying anything about that. One would have thought that a building/monument dedicated to that would be more appropriate then a holocaust (burned offering) building, that's just my humble opinion.
Regardless of what race/religion your part of, almost every nation is guilty of genocide, some more than others – like the US who uses its military and it's media to dominate the globe with so called 'acts against terrorism' – personally, they are the terrorist in our modern world. A world where thousands of people can be murdered in a country (a country that had nothing to do with 9/11) and every time without fail, the media would say 'one must remember that they are harbouring terrorists.'

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