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Monday, August 13, 2012


It's 1982, I'm sitting in front of a TV set at my grandparents home. I then tell them that one of these days one will be able to pause, rewind etc live TV. Would they believe me? I go further and tell them about cell phones (I include the bit about how some of these phones have more computing power then the computers that took us to the moon). By now they think that I have lost the plot. I also tell them how in the future we will be able to buy electricity at a shop. When my parents pick me up the next day, they tell them about what I had to say – my parents rub it off as 'vivid' imagination, 'that will never happen' they say and have a good laugh.
I come across that statement time and time again, when speaking about a independent Cape of Good Hope (all correspondence via snail mail now states 'Cape of Good Hope' and not 'Western Cape') even a few from the Transvaal Republic agree (most don't)
I am prepared to wait 30 years for a Cape of Good Hope – I would prefer not too. It's like talking about your favourite bar – you have to talk about it. Plant the idea that this is the best way of solving our problems. We certainly do not wish for a revolution – not even a peaceful revolution (it doesn't exist – there is no such thing as a turn-the-other-check revolution) what we do wish for is a change of mind. Big government is certainly not going to help us. We have observed what happened in China with a natural disaster and seen the same in the USA – neither country was able to do much. In fact, it still looks like hell in those countries, years after the disaster.
If anything the people who truly wish for an end of the current regime must go out their and talk about it. The concept has to be spoken about. If anything let that by our MO from now on.

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