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Monday, June 18, 2012

And they want to take over in 2014...

It's very rare that I have great/good news to share with anyone reading this – largely as you have guessed, there isn't a lot of that going around, however, this time, it's great news.
The ANC in the Cape of Good Hope owes money to various organisations, the Sheriff of the court has attached their furniture, for example in one claim. Best of all, no funds are being sent from the ANC's headquarters to the Cape of Good Hope office. This is taken further – what business is going to support a political party like them? Specially when one cannot see the value in being associated with them.
The time has come indeed for a shake-down. To get the people of the Cape of Good Hope to see the value in supporting a 'Cabo Libre' a free Cape. As I have suggested in the past, the only way we will win their hearts and minds is by a drastic tax cut: who won't support a party suggesting, first and foremost, a reduction of say 15% across the board and dropping VAT to a more meaningful 8%? They would have my vote ( and I'm sure many others agree.)

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