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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Designing the Cape Party

It's sad when one finds things when it's late. Like the Cape Party Constitution. I quote:

“Council of Founders

4.5 The Council of Founders shall consist of the founders of the Party and, from time to time, their chosen legal and political advisor's.
4.6 In addition to any other power and function contemplated in this constitution Council of Founders shall
a. ensure that the Party remains true to its vision and mission;
b. advise on key strategic decision;
c. advise on the methods of the political struggle and the legality thereof to ensure compliance with the Constitution of South Africa.”

The above is a scary statement. For those of you who are unaware of who the founders are read 'Miller family.' But wait. There's more.

The Presidential Council
4.7 On the basis of a recommendation of the Council of Founders, the National Council shall propose three candidates for the position of members of the Presidential Council, which shall be ratified or rejected by the General Conference.”

4.8 The term of office of the Presidential Council shall be five years, provided that the Council of Founders may request the National Council to remove any member of the Presidential Council who, in the opinion of the Council of Founders, is not true to the Party mission’s or vision or has employed or advocated an unsuitable political methodology or strategy or has acted in a matter unbecoming of a person tasked with the job of leading a party by example.

g. act in concert with the Council of Founders;

Treasurer General
4.23 The Treasurer-General shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Council of Founders

6.15 The Council of Founders shall determine the time when the growth of the Party allows the establishment of any additional Province in any given region of the country over and above the Cape of Good Hope Province which is hereby established, and which Cape of Good Hope Province shall function as and coincide with the national structure of the Party and operate exclusively in term of the rules relating to it, and it shall be so until another Province is so established; provided that until such time any provision in this constitution relating to Provinces shall be inoperative and shall thereafter become operative only in respect of those Provinces which have been established and the extent that they have been so established, and further provided that until such time any provision in this constitution relating to District and Regions shall be deemed to relate such structures to the Cape of Good Hope Province if no other Province has been so established in their territory.

10.3 Each disciplinary committee is appointed by the relevant Executive Committee and shall consist of no less than 3 and no more than 7 members one of whom shall be a Chairperson, provided that the Chairperson of the National Disciplinary Committee shall be appointed by the National Council on recommendation of the Council of Founders.”

Is this democracy? Clearly not. I fear that voting the Cape Party may be a bad idea. It is now a fact that we need to turn our attention to forming a political party that will serve the needs of the people as opposed to the quite obvious self-serving Miller clan..

The Cape Party is DEAD. Long live Direct Democracy.

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