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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh Dear!

It seems that I write things and then they happen. Not long ago I wrote that the only natural resource the Cape Republic has is wine.
I stand corrected.
It appears that in fact, we could, God forbid, have oil/gas on our coast. This is not good. Why? I do not see the wealth that oil has brought to the people. In the same way that gold/diamonds has not brought wealth to the people. Allow me to elaborate.
In Iraq during the '70's and '80's if you visited that nation, you would be hard pressed to understand that there was oil in the country as the poverty level was so extreme that it was scary. The only people who were benefiting from the oil is a few international bankers and the oil companies. Like in South Africa gold and diamonds has not brought wealth to the people but has made the Oppenheimers (as well as the Rhodes family and N M Rothschild & Sons [who financed the company]) very wealthy.
If oil in the Cape Republic brought with it free education, no tax, free hospitals then I might be inclined to think that it would be a good idea to have horrid looking oil rigs on our horizon.
What are the chances?
What will happen without any doubt whatsoever is clear.
The only 'people' who will benefit from this will be PetroSA. Companies don't care about the people. We all know that the only thing they have any interest in - making a profit. Regardless of the cost in human life or the environment.
If oil (God forbid!) is in fact discovered on our coast, it will also mean (going by what has happened in say... Iraq... Libya... that we will be invaded by the U.S. war machine. The 'why' has no meaning here in any way. It is a merely a question of 'when'. The U.S. (as they have always done) will bomb the shit out of the Cape Republic (along with most of its citizens) then rebuild it. (The left-over citizens will needless to say have to pay for the rebuilding with the 'profit' from oil sales {Oh yes. We don't see those profits, do we?}) I almost forgot to mention. American companies will doing the rebuilding.
Lord, let them not find oil. Or gas.

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