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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Calling Kippie

Get a load of this, I still don't get it, maybe you will be able to wrap your mind around it.
The ANC has decided that it will no longer be giving land to Blacks, it's going to rent it out to them instead, since 30% sell the land back to the farmer's who had it in the first place. First of all, this begs the question, what about the other 70%?
Of course, the fact that it's largely white tax money being used...
Last week I mentioned a figure, R 3.8 billion that goes missing. I also asked, are we going Zimbabwe or are we there?
We are there.
The amount of theft, fraud etc that is happening. Really.
Not to top it all, think of it as a 'side-dish' to the crap that is already on the plate. Several farms in the Cape Republic received letters telling them that their land had been ear marked for mining and that they had until such and such a date to vacate the land.
Keep in mind that this is a mining company sending these letters.
Since when is this allowed?
Going by that line of thinking, what is stopping me, (using my company “Cocktail Royale”) from walking into say, Dros (pick a branch) and telling them that they have until such and such a date to vacate the premises since we will be using the site for a cocktail bar.

I sometimes wonder why I even bother writing about things like this “its apathetic middle class are to blame for the decline of South Africa’s democracy.” (Adrian Kay)

I know that things are not going to get better. Leaving the country will never solve the problem – if your black or white, fact is, the ANC doesn't care about you. So what do we do? My solution is quietly interesting. All I need is R 150 million. Then I guarantee that the Cape Republic will happen. Confused? Lenin did it in Mother Russia. As he said, “all you need for a successful revolution is money.

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