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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Answer

1) The ANC is contemplating dramatic changes to the country’s Constitution, including scrapping the “sunset clauses” and changing the powers of the Reserve Bank and provinces.
2) City Press is in possession of draft policy documents that will be distributed to the party’s branches on Monday ahead of its policy conference in June.
3) The documents are likely to shape the direction of government programmes if adopted at the ANC’s national conference in December.
4) In a section on strategy and tactics titled “The second transition”, the ANC says the Constitution of 1996 “may have been appropriate for a political transition, but it has proven inadequate and even inappropriate for a social and economic transformation phase”.
This all smells of one thing: the 'democratic' ANC government wants South Africa to turn into a communist state, a place where, for example; a) ubuntu is introduced to the school curriculum, b) all school text books printed by the state c) university graduates forced to do community service
As we have seen already, the Western Cape (like other provinces) have already lost the power to distribute social grants. When the National Health is in place, we will no longer be able to administer it. The ANC already has plans for the police serves, that they all fall under one big umbrella...
One has to be really stupid not to realise that what they are doing now is going to take many years to dismantle. Every single law that has come into play has been to the advantage of the ruling elite. Not one of their policies is in line with the constitution. Does the southern African population not have a back-bone? Why do so few people speak out against this?
What a lot of people have missed is that the ANC still, after how many years of ruling southern Africa, still sees itself as a 'liberation' movement. Not a political party. This is a very serious matter, it proves that they lost what ever plot they had in mind many years ago. As a reminder: the ANC was recognised as a terrorist organisation until 2008.

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