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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The unknown and the known

Trying to define reality is a tricky item, the phrase 'I think, therefore I am' asks more questions then what it answer. In your reality, would it make sense to cut off your own leg, put it in a oven and then call the hospital in order for you not to work? In mine, no. But to a Austrian man a few days ago, this made perfect sense. In a similar vein: The Khoisan people (who are two distinct different groups) believe that they are the first inhabitants of the Cape of Good Hope, and while they do have a good point, they are forgetting the very obvious. We all come from the same place and moved to where we live today. To suggest that one group of people have claim on all the land isn't being fair on the rest who were born in the land. I'm white, I was born in the Cape of Good Hope. Going by that logic I should too have claim on land here Рafter all, the land belongs to the people, not government (who are under the illusion/reality that they own 60%) Not that long ago we lived in a police state. Now under a 'rainbow' nation we have returned to that state of affairs. The ANC should never have been allowed to become a political party on the premise that they would become that which they hated the most (which they have) Several reality checks come into play: the billions of rands that disappear every year, the rule of law no longer applying, ridicules laws past making a farce of a 'democratic' society and the genocide which is happening every day in southern Africa. So some, the genocide isn't happening others, like in the E.U. state that it is in fact happening and are putting politically presume on the ANC to put an end to it. Strangely enough, very few people are talking about it Рand those who do are considered to be 'right-wing' Afrikaner's/Boere. Who's reality does one believe? One could successfully argue that the current 'reality' that surrounds us is a very convincing illusion.... At the end of the clich̩, not all things shall be known to all men. Not all 'realities' are shared by all men. We all seem to think that our expectations on how things are or should be are the same. But they are not. All points of view are different. Sometimes very different. As an example, the Canton System of direct democratic would appear to be the best form of government for the Cape, would you believe that some say that's it a newer form of apartheid? What are these people thinking? It works very well (for centuries in fact) in Switzerland where there are as many different race groups as what there are in the Cape of Good Hope. It has brought peace to that land. This is the same peace we need. No race is above any other.

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