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Friday, June 1, 2012

That Spear

Over the last few weeks there has (as everyone knows) been a big laugh at a picture, people being sued, people counter suing etc etc etc. What a lot of people miss is the corruption still happening, like the e-toll news which grows to new heights with every passing minute. Not only in Jozi, but here in the Cape of Good Hope. Thankfully there are a few clear thinkers on that topic.
I'm inclined to think that when these events happen, something else is being covered up in the background. While the SACP (haven't these fools heard that communism is already buried???) accusing the DA of R 191 737 470.00 missing in action/theft, the mayor sends out entirely meaningless crap that I'm guessing, is supposed to make us feel better. You decide. If someone has the brains to have a site where one can report corruption perhaps the 'name and shame' method would work, then again, that's like taking George Bush to court on war crimes – sure, you can prosecute him (in absence) but what can you really do? The Afrikaners have a wonderful word for this: Fokal. It's like a certain individual who, dispute being in prison, for corruption, is getting a nice fat pension. What can we do about it? Fokal. Or is it a case of no-one wanting to do anything? Or not giving it a go?
Let us hope that the freedom of the Cape of Good Hope arrives soon – the drink of choice will no doubt be 'Cabo Libre' (meaning 'to a free Cape') Coke, brandy and lime cordial.

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