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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let the buyer beware

We have all seen/heard/read the slogan 'let the buyer beware' For me this slogan was very true at a local supermarket where we spend quite a bit of cash.
On Sunday, my wife went to buy a few goods we needed, a woman in front of her had bought several items – chips and kids snacks. The bill was just over R 300.00 the woman was about to walk away when she stopped and stated 'this can't be right' it turned out that she had been charged R 30.00 for a packet of crisps!
This had my wife thinking, so after I had packed up at the market we returned to the store, I had to buy a few things – my wife then pointed out 3 items which prices at the till differed significantly to the price displayed. While it is true that it could be an accident – for how long has this 'accident' been happening? See the same thing happened to me when I was charged R 99.99 for an item in a supermarket that was priced at R 19.99! The only reason why I had picked it up was because of the description 'casserole 33cm' when the item was in fact a coffee mug.
I would hate to have to walk back into a supermarket and check that all the prices on my purchases are correct – however – it seems that's what I have to do now. Think about it. You have as little as 4 items with a higher then displayed price and you could loose as much as R 100.00 to R 200.00.
It's becoming more and more apparent why it cost's so much to live in the Cape of Good Hope.

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